About Us

Summers come and summers go, and one constant truth is that they bring a whole lot of heat with them. While ideal conditions mean things like central air or a non-tropical climate, some of us just aren’t going to be that lucky and we’re just not going to have the budget. The good news is that you don’t need to cool an entire drafty house or tear up an entire building to put in a large AC system that you might not really be able to afford anyway.

Growing up in Iowa, you might not think of it as high temps, but we had plenty of 120-140 heat index days. High 90s into the 100s and humid to boot. Living in the country there weren’t many options, but if you put blankets up in the living room it was amazing how one single portable air conditioner could drastically cool down the room and make summer very bearable. Everyone could spend family time together, relax there, eat there, and on the really bad nights, sleep there.

In other words, those portable air conditioners were just a great solution to a problem that was going to come back again and again. An important problem to deal with, as well, is the fact that not all PAC units are the same. Some are reliable and fantastic, others are great while they work but tend to have short lives, and if you ever made the mistake of a portable air cooler in a humid climate then wow – you paid for it.

Someone needed to build a website with reviews, first person accounts, and a solid review for each one – and here we are!