DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners: What’s the Scoop?

DeLonghi Portable AC UnitDeLonghi portable air conditioners make up a good portion of the market of portable air conditioners.  These units are available at traditional retail and wholesale outlets such as Walmart or Costco, or are available online at a number of sources.  Before determining to buy DeLonghi portable air conditioners or any other brand name it’s a good idea to know your basic needs.  Some of these considerations may include the size of the space needing to be cooled, your expected price range, whether or not the unit can double as a heater or has a dehumidifier, and how the unit handles compensation, and how the unit needs to be ventilated.

Portable air conditioners, such as DeLonghi portable air conditioners, do not fall under typical expectations of portable.  While most models come with window brackets to accommodate such installation, the units are still heavy.  Portable air conditioning units are easily in excess of 50 pounds, and units such as the DeLonghi PAC WE125 Portable Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier weighs in at an impressive 85 pounds.  But that’s not the only thing that is impressive about DeLonghi air conditioners.

The first thing to note is that many portable air conditioning units come with virtually industry standard features.  Among these portable air conditioning features is a remote control, programming options both for the thermostat (direct temperature control) and hours of operation (when the unit cools) brackets for window mounting, eco-friendly refrigerant gas, and optional warranties.  One additional feature prominent in certain Delonghi portable air conditioning units is a dual water/air cool feature.  A tank in the unit holds about 10 liters of water.  The water is more efficient at cooling the compressor and some customers claim that the unit runs more quietly on water.  When the water runs dry the unit switches to the traditional air cooling mode.

With DeLonghi air conditioners, quality comes at a price.  In the case of the model listed above, $500 to $600 is the current price range.  Though the fear of buying a portable air conditioner that is more effective as a decorative piece can make the process daunting, DeLonghi portable air conditioners have been available for years and consumer trends have a way of eliminating poor products and supporting quality.

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