EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioners

Green friendly EdgeStar Portable air conditionerEdgeStar portable air conditioners are offered in the 12000 to 14000 BTU range, which means that they are intended to cool larger rooms or rooms with a greater heat load.  Determining the heat load of a particular room is a little bit about perspective and a lot about considering the numerous factors that can add excessive heat into a room.  A small room with a large heat load may need the same size portable air conditioner as a larger room with a smaller heat load.  Some of the factors that add heat to a room include windows receiving direct sunlight, rooms with a lot of electronics (e.g., entertainment centers), or kitchenette units.  Rooms with low ceilings will have a greater heat load than a similarly sized room with a vaulted ceiling.

In terms of what EdgeStar portable air conditioners are designed to handle, they can comfortable cool rooms with high heat loads or square footage between 450 and 600 square feet.  Using such hefty portable air conditioners in smaller rooms can be an issue if the room remains too humid, since the air conditioner can cool a room faster than it can dehumidify it.  A humid room can translate into feeling cold and clammy.  In terms how the air conditioners handle the excess moisture, most if not all the excess moisture is expelled from the room if the unit is set up with the proper exhaust.  The ideal setup is to run the exhaust out a window, but EdgeStar portable air conditioners can also be vented into a drop ceiling or sub floor if the proper adapter kit is included.

One benefit to EdgeStar portable air conditioners is their ability to dehumidify and expel the excess moisture out the exhaust.  The claim from the manufacturer is that their units can be operated 365 days per year without having to dump water.  Naturally, or rather ideally, the air conditioner does not have to be run constantly.  In the wintertime, however, some EdgeStar portable air conditioners can double as heaters.  The process is basically running the unit in reverse, venting warm air back into the room.  It is important to note that these units make rather inefficient heaters.  The manufacturers typically recommend that their portable air conditioners never be relied on as a primary heating unit if the ambient temperature drops below 50 degrees.

No matter which brand of portable air conditioner is considered, one of the many benefits they offer is the benefit of energy efficiency.  For larger homes, portable air conditioners can provide direct cooling for select rooms.  Likewise, many portable air conditioners can be programmed so that rooms can be cool when you come home from work even if they are not air conditioned for the rest of the day.  These features are standard on EdgeStar portable air conditioners and can help keep rooms cool on a budget.