Everstar Portable Air Conditioners Review

Everstar portable air conditioner
A clear picture of one of the four main styles of portable air conditioners put out by Everstar.

Everstar portable air conditioners are a popular brand of portable air conditioning unit that hit the market powerfully, and gained some solid fans before seeming to take a backseat to other models made by the same company. Everstar is a brand name that carries a reputation for effectively cooling down a decent sized area and being an ideal fit for many different types of setups, including apartments of various sizes and shapes.

Generally speaking, Everstar models are known to come in 8000, 9500, 10000, and 11000 BTU models, meaning that there is a wide variety when it comes to the amount of power that is available from each machine. A studio apartment or small one bedroom might find the 8000 BTU models to be more than enough to get the job done, while a large two or three bedroom apartment, a bungalow cottage, or an entire floor of a house will be better served by the more powerful 11000 BTU models that are going to be able to pull a lot more humidity out of the air and pump a much larger volume of very cold air into the area.

There isn’t necessarily a set size or guide, especially since there can be huge differences between similar portable cooling units that have the same number of BTUs, but if one company produces sturdier machines than another, you will see wildly different results. Understanding this can save you a lot of money when shopping for the right fit. After all, if a portable air conditioner by Everstar is enough to cool your entire apartment at 8000 BTU then why spend a lot of extra money on a stronger unit if that’s just being wasteful? Understanding how the BTU scale works can help you make the right Everstar choice.

Why are Everstar portable air conditioners so hard to find?
Everstar was extremely popular just a few years, but they are much harder to find now. Everstar is a brand, not a company name. Everstar is actually made by  a Chinese manufacturer, the same company that makes Danby portable air conditioners, which are much easier to find and are still being mass produced. Danby portable units are known as some of the best out there, and that same reputation for quality also transfers over to the four different models of Everstar PAC that are still available (though a bit harder to find than they used to be). While this might not be an ideal solution, it at least gives you options to give yourself the most comfortable living situation possible.

The main concern for anyone who is going to drop a serious amount of money on any type of a mobile air conditioner is making sure they get a model that works. That is the biggest concern first and foremost, and for very good reason. While it might be more practical for many people to go with Danby versus Everstar, both are going to offer some really good options.

However, if you’re really sold on this one big brand, there are four models you should look at:

  • Everstar MPA-08CR Portable Air Conditioner (8,000 BTU strength)
  • EverStar MPN1-095CR Portable Air Conditioning Unit (9,500 BTU)
  • EverStar MPK-10CR (10,000 BTU)
  • EverStar MPN1-11CR (the strongest cooler at 11,000 BTU)

You will be doing some serious searching just because of how the production has changed, but if you can find any of the four of these particular models, you can have confidence knowing that they are seen as consistently being the best that come from this company. As one note of warning: make sure you get the air conditioners and not the air coolers.

Danby Portable Air Conditioner
A popular Danby Portable Air Conditioner Unit. You can CLICK HERE to buy.

There is a considerable difference between the two and the conditioners do a much better job (click on these links to learn more about portable air conditioners or the not quite as versatile portable air coolers) for the far majority of people and meeting their specific room, home, or apartment cooling needs. When it comes to strength, keep an eye on the model number since as you’ll see 08 is 8,000 BTU while seeing 11CR does mean 11,000 BTU in strength. These numbers tend to be consistent from both Danby and Everstar air conditioning unit models from this company.

What does this mean (aka “In Conclusion”)?

While this might not be the ideal thing a true Everstar fan wants to hear, it does give an accurate look at where people’s true options are at when it comes to finding the ideal portable cooling solution that will fit their specific needs and setup. As long as you’re looking for the best overall fit and you’re willing to look at similar options from the same company (even across brand names) then you will find there are still some seriously good options that are available.

When it comes to picking out an Everstar air conditioner, look for those four models if you’re a purist and if you can find them then chances are you’ll be happy as your apartment or sleeping quarters become much more comfortable and enjoyable! If not, look at the closely related Danby models from the same company and you will still be likely to get the level of quality that you are hoping for.

If you want a little bit more information, take a look at the video from Danby here to help walk you through: