Reviewing Haier Portable Air Conditioners

haier portable ac and heatingHaier portable air conditioners provide a wide variety of options for home owners or apartment tenants looking for a portable (sometimes called stand alone) air conditioner that may or may not need to be mounted in a window.  There are many factors involved in choosing portable air conditioners, and many Haier Portable Air Conditioners are offered providing different levels of comfort and convenience based on what may be most important to the user.

One of the first considerations in buying stand alone air conditioners is the volume of air needed to be cooled.  Based on the size of the room and how well it is ventilated, this can vary dramatically. Another possible consideration is whether or not you may need a portable air conditioner with a dehumidifier. And how about air flow?  Does the unit have built-in fans that can push cool air through the room or are external fans necessary? Haier portable air conditioners come in a variety of models both with and without dehumidifiers, and with or without directional fans.

Naturally energy efficiency may also be a consideration when buying Haier portable air conditioners.  A comfortable living environment isn’t so comfortable if it jacks up the price of the summer utility bill and puts the pocket book in a squeeze.  Energy efficiency must be considered, as well as how much use the air conditioner will get.  Fortunately there are several features included in Haier stand alone air conditioners to help make the air conditioner more efficient.  These features include thermostats and timers.  Too warm and too cool are opposite sides of equal discomfort.  Many of the product reviews attest to their ability to blast out cold air, but they can be programmed to shut off when enough is enough.

The programmable timer is most vital in an energy efficient portable air conditioner.  If no one is home between say eight in the morning and six in the evening, does the house really have to be at 68 degrees between those hours?  The timer can be set to kick off the air conditioner perhaps and 7:30 and restart at 5:30 so the house is cool by the time you return home.

One of the most consistent customer complaints about Haier portable air conditioners is that portable doesn’t equate to quiet.  Some consumers have found them too noisy to sleep when the air conditioner is running.  Other issues sometimes include the occasional freezing of the coils which effectively kills the air conditioner until they thaw.  The frozen coils are typically a sign of too much use, and the background noise of the air conditioner has to be considered before buying, but by and large Haier portable air conditioners provide many different models to suit the preferences of their consumers.