Sharp Portable Air Conditioners: Reviewing Sharp’s Portable Air Choices

Sharp Portable Air Conditioner
Great sharp air conditioner model with remote. The wheels make for easy movement.

With several different manufacturers of portable air conditioning units, Sharp portable air conditioners have found a way to distinguish themselves from the competition.  On average, Sharp portable air conditioners run more quietly on their lowest cooling setting.  This feature might be a very important consideration, especially for customers that need a very cool room for sleeping, and might rely on their portable air conditioner to run right through the night.  This feature is called Library Quiet Design, allowing their units to run with as little as 38 decibels.  This decibel range is indeed what one could expect to find in a library, about a third more quiet than conversational tone.

Again, these portable air conditioners are hefty.  Many Sharp portable air conditioner models weigh in at just shy of 100 pounds.  These units come with casters intended to help move the unit from room to room if it is necessary, and the air conditioners come with a number of accessories to give a person options for how to ventilate or mount the unit.  Sharp portable air conditioners are also quite efficient at dehumidifying a room, pulling up to 72 pints of moisture per day out of the air.  The units are designed to expel all excess moisture out the exhaust hose (preferably exhausted outdoors), so there is no tank to empty.

Perhaps one of the most important considerations in choosing a portable air conditioner is the size of space needing to be cooled, or alternately, how much cooling power is necessary in the air conditioner.  Currently Sharp portable air conditioner units range in power from 10000 BTUs up to 13000 BTUs.  The BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is defined as the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. When this is applied to air conditioners, it is distinguished as BTUs per hour.  This information is useful as well in determining how much electricity the portable air conditioner will use.  Some units are given an energy efficiency rating, others are not.  The bottom line is that the larger the BTU rating, the larger the space that it can cool.

The typical price range for Sharp portable air conditioners is $300 to $400, so they are less expensive than other portable air conditioner models.  They are also heavier.  Yet they can run more quietly.  Since there is no such thing as a perfect product, every conceivable product review is going to have many pros and cons for a given situation.  Sharp portable air conditioners can run quietly and remove large amounts of moisture from the room that it is cooling.